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Project Overview

Gridnik is an Adobe XD plugin that extends the program’s grid generation capabilities. It enables grids to be subdivided into rows and columns, and allows them to be generated over any object: artboards, polygons, circles, text, etc. Auto-calculations make sure grids maintain a valid composition while parameters are input.

The project is named after Wim Crouwel, a Dutch graphic designer whose work is rooted in the Swiss and International Typographic Styles. He was also known as Gridnik—a nickname his friends gave to him due to his obsession with grids.

The plugin will be available through the XD Plugin Manager soon!

Gridnik logo
The Gridnik logo—created with a grid generated by the plugin. Inspired by Wim Crouwel’s Vormgevers piece.
Grid example created with Gridnik
A Gridnik-generated grid being used to compose the “About” page on

Project Details


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