Spectral Overlay Tool

LGC Biosearch Technologies

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Project Overview

LGC Biosearch Technologies is a biotechnology company that provides products and services for genomic analysis in healthcare and agricultural genomics.

I worked with them to build the spectral overlay tool, an interactive selection tool that visualizes the absorption and emission spectra for common fluorescent dyes and quenchers, allowing users to overlay them as multiplexed sets according to recommended combinations for each quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) device. This helps scientists select the right parameters needed to design an assay for qPCR.

Main screen for the 2020 version of the spectral overlay tool
Main screen for spectral overlay tool

Long-Term Development Lifecycle

In 2014, I was brought on to port the app from Flash to native browser technologies alongside new features. In 2015, Biosearch Technologies was acquired by LGC, and the app’s styling was updated to match the company’s new branding guidelines. In 2020, the app’s UI was completely redesigned alongside new features and performance optimizations.

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Spectral overlay tool sort and filtering features
Instrument selection that supports filtering of instruments and sorting of dyes
Spectral overlay tool fullscreen mode
Fullscreen mode for a larger view of the charts

Project Details


  • Oct 23, 2014





Sept 1, 2020


  • Programming
  • UI & UX Design